Quality Education Nepal - a Rotary Project

ABN: 79 892 132 355
Aims and Purposes

The Nepali Village Initiatives Association was formed in 2010 to manage the Nepali Village Initiatives Project, registered with Rotary Australia World Community Service as project 43/2009-1043/2009-10It was incorporated with Consumer Affairs Victoria (www.consumer.vic.gov.au) as Association A0054301J, ABN 79 892 132 355.  It is governed by Rules adopted 29 November 2015.  To download click hereAt the AGM in 2016 the name was changed to

Quality Education Nepal Inc.

The purposes of the Association are to support people in need in Nepal, in particular those of rural and remote communities, by, without limitation, supporting:

   (a)        community-run schools that improve the quality of education for Nepali children;

   (b)        local health services that support rural communities in Nepal;

   (c)        community projects and other initiatives that bring jobs and opportunities to Nepali villages; and

   (d)        international projects consistent with the above purpose, such as projects of Rotary International and its constituent entities including The Rotary Foundation and Rotary Australia World Community Service.

Click History to learn how the association came to be formed.

The Committee comprisesPeter Hall - President         George Hillary - Secretary
                                                        Don Cullen                          Michael Dillon AM
Ronda Hall                          Gordon Nightingale
                                                             Simon Cowen

For financial reports since the formation of the Association can be downloaded by clicking here for 2010-2013 and here for 2013-2015.

Membership is open to individuals, families or other entities.  There are no joining fees, and donations of $20 or more qualify the donors as members for the calendar year in which the donation is made.  Each membership carries eligibility for a single vote at General Meetings of the Association (if a couple registered as a joint membership contributes $40 or more, then both are entitled to a vote).  All donations in excess of $2.00 (including those qualifying for membership) are tax deductible.

Membership communications are by email, and each membership is identified by its email address.

An emailing list is maintained for distribution of occasional newsletters.  There is no charge for inclusion in this list, and any member whose membership lapses will remain on this list unless they choose to unsubscribe.  Simply send an email request to membership@nepalaid.org.au if you'd like to be added to the list.

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