LEARN delivers the most comprehensive teacher training available in Nepal, matched only by Rural Education and Environment Development (REED), the NGO we engaged to deliver our training 2011-2013.  REED continues to provide teacher training in Eastern Nepal (Solu Khumbu and Taplejung districts), while LEARN operates in the West (Myagdi)

The training service is remarkably cost effective, delivering training at just US$15.50 per trainee day - see table below.

This may be compared with another Rotary Foundation Global Grant Project to train teachers in Cambodia.  Undertaken as a two-week vocational exchange project involving experienced Australian teachers, it could only address basic pedagogy, as the Australian teachers lacked knowledge of the local curriculum or of the culture in which it is delivered.  Costs, including international travel and accommodation, and local teachers acting as translators, amounted to US$56,940.  100 teachers received  just two days training each, at a cost of US$285 per trainee day.

50 days training over three years for 75 teachers
Costs per trainee day

Teacher training:    
Trainee allowances 315$4.00$3.0019%
Refreshments (tea. snacks) 105$1.50$1.006%
External trainer fees 105$1.50$1.006%
Other (support people) allowances 40$0.50$0.503%
Trainer/staff travel, accomm., misc. 225$3.00$2.0013%
LEARN staff time 340$4.50$3.5023%
Training materials inc. transport60$0.50$0.503%
Direct training costs1,190$15.50$11.5074%
Ancillary services:    
School materials inc. transport 180$2.50$1.5010%
School management training 50$0.50$0.503%
In-school support 85$1.00$1.006%
Ancillary service costs 315$4.00$3.0019%
LEARN administration costs 110$1.50$1.006%
Costs per trainee-day1,615$21.00$15.50100%

Note that 26% of the direct training costs (19% of the total) are attendance allowances paid to trainees.  These are in recognition of their giving up holiday time for training, and possible accommodation costs if the training location is too far to walk daily from home.

Note also that 19% of the costs are for ancillary services which go beyond the training received in those training days.  These include:
  • materials distributed to schools for use by the teachers after their return from training
  • community orientation and school management training for members of school councils and parent-teacher associations, to stress the importance of teacher training and how they can support the teachers
  • in-school support, provided by trainers visiting the schools of each trainee to assess their progress in implementing the teachings, give assistance as required, and modifying subsequent training as appropriate.