How to donate
QEN is recognised by the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission as a Public Benevolent Institution.
As such it can issue tax-deductible receipts for donations over $2.00.
There are two ways you can contribute:

Direct donations

Rotary Foundation Global Projects, while they provide n effective way to extend training to new groups of teachers, do not address our entire funding needs.  We have two particular further requirements that do not fit the Global Grant Project model:
* further development of LEARN and extension of its services into other areas (including researching the impacts of training that has been delivered)
* providing annual refresher training for all teachers who have entered our programs.

To meet these needs, we require funding from other sources.

To make a donation, please:

*  make a direct funds transfer to Quality Education Nepal Inc., BSB 633-000, a/c 161108436, giving your surname as reference.  Transfers from abroad will require bank details: Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited, The Bendigo Centre
Bendigo, Victoria 3550 Australia;

Swift Code:BENDAU3B.  Transfers can be made in Australian dollars.
Please send an email to to advise of your contribution, giving your address for the receipt; or

mail a cheque to:         Quality Education Nepal Inc.
29 Blue Mount Road, Trentham, Victoria, Australia 3458

Should you wish to pay by credit card, you may do so by contributing via Rotary Australia World Community Service provided your credit card has been issued by an Australian bank or an Australian branch of an international bank.  Please note that any donations via RAWCS are subject to a 2.5% admin. charge.
The steps are:
1. Go to the RAWCS website by clicking
2. Enter the project number (43) and year (2009-10), then click "Find this project".  When the project appears, click "Donate now".
3. Fill in the Donor Details, enter the donation amount, and enter any special requests.
4. Nominate credit card as your method of payment.  Then follow the instructions.

Please note the RAWCS option for periodic payments.  These are much appreciated as they help our budgeting.
    Your nomination will trigger reminder emails at the nominated frequency which will give you options to:
     * proceed with the donation
     * skip the donation but continue sending reminders
     * cancel this and all future scheduled donations.
     If you don't select an option within five days of the email being sent, the donation will proceed.

Donations from outside Australia

Donations from outside Australia can be made by telegraphic transfer to our bank account (see above), quoting the following Banking details. Currency: Australian Dollars (AUD) Correspondent Bank: Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited Swift Code: BENDAU3B

Foreign cheques are acceptable subject to a small fee (AU$10) and a clearance delay of up to a month.  However, we do not dvise the sending of cheques as the loss on exchange rates can be significant.