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Gyan Bahadur Pun

Gyan was born in Paudwar and attended the village school.  After two years teacher training in Pokhara he returned as a teacher, and after another three years, at age 21, was appointed head teacher of the 3-teacher school.   He retired from the post in 2002, having served for 33 years.

Gyan's contributions to the Paudwar school are unmeasurable.  He was influential in getting girls to attend the school, in the introduction of new subjects such as Computer Science, and in progressively extending the schools range from primary schooling to teaching up to Year 10.

Gyan has retired with his wife to Pokhara where they can be closer to health services.



Mahabir Pun

Mahabir is the man who has shown the way with Nepali initiatives.  He has initiated and led  numerous projects for the betterment of his village of Nangi and of the Himanchal High School located there.  Many of his projects have extended to include other villages in the area, including Paudwar.

Most significant of his projects has been the Nepal Wireless Networking Project.  This has delivered communications, first to the Myagdi District but more recently extending to other parts of the country.

Mahabir has been deservedly recognised internationally for his great community work, including his receipt of:

  • Fellowship of the Ashoka Foundation
  • The Ramon Magsaysay Prize
    ("the Nobel Prize of Asia")
  • An Honorary Doctorate from the University of Nebraska, USA



Karen Stock

Karen is a member of the Rotary Club of Portland Bay.  She first visited Paudwar in October 2010, then returned as one of a group of seven volunteers in April 2012.  Meanwhile she has inspired fellow Rotarians in her Club of Portland Bay to support the project, together with her husband Kym, member of the Rotary Club of Portland.


Krishna Bahadur Pun

Krishna, a former student  of Gyan's, returned as a teacher, succeeding to the position of Headmaster when Gyan retired in 2002.  This was at a time of extreme political unrest which in 2004 forced him to leave the village with his family and move to Kathmandu.

Conditions there were tough, with the loss of his teaching salary and much higher living costs.  Krishna and his wife Sita concluded that the only solution was for Sita to take a five year contract as a nanny in Israel where she is now working, leaving Krishna to look after daughter Krishita and son Sharad.

Krishna has now returned to Paudwar in the role of Development Coordinator, sponsored by the Nepali Village Initiatives Project



Om Bahadur Pun

Om is a former resident of Paudwar now living in Kathmandu where he runs his own business.  He was the inspiration behind the establishment of the cheese factory at Paudwar, and has recently been working with Krishna for the establishment of the Khayer Barahi Milk Production Co-operative Society Limited



Peter Hall

Peter was one of the Annapurna Allstars trekking group who met Gyan Bahadur Pun at Khopra Ridge in 1993.  He has been a driver of the project and is now President and Secretary of the Nepali Village Initiatives Association Inc.



Ronda Hall

Ronda first visited Nepal with Peter and another group of trekkers in 1998, when they made it for the first time to Paudwar village.  She returned with Peter to visit the village again in 2001 and 2008, while in 2009 they were accompanied by their daughter Karen, son-in-law Matt and grand-children Reuben, Zachary, Brianna and Genevieve.

Ronda is Treasurer of the Nepali Village Initiatives association Inc.

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