Training Reports

Training is delivered by area within Myagdi District.  Areas are generally those covered by Resource Centres of the Department of Education, and may comprise one or more Village Development Councils.  With the introduction under the new Constitution of Rural Municipalities as a new tier of government, multiple Resource Centres may fall within a Rural Municipality.  Thus to date the majority of our training has fallen within the Annapurna Rural Municipality.

Each training course or activity is documented in a report which records attendees
(trainers, trainees and visitors) and the training content.  Summary reports are also produced periodically.
  Some insight into the thoroughness of the training provided can be gained from these reports

A good overview is given in the Annual Summary for Rima 2015, being the first year of that program
for which a grant was received from the Australian Embassy in Kathmandu.

A report by KB Shahi, Project Manager for the Rotary Club of Baglung of Rotary Foundation Global Grant Project 1525855 following his visit to the Opening Ceremony of the 10-day course that began on April 11, 2018 can be downloaded here.

Baseline Surveys
Annual Summaries


Community Orientation (school management training)
Ghara Sept. 2014
Rima May 2015
Basic and Refresher Training
Hereafter incorporated with Ghara
Refresher  Rep n/a
Basic April 2015
Basic Oct. 2014
In-school Support
February 2016
December 2016

March 2015

November 2016

Specialist Training
Key Teacher Training