Trainee Sponsorship

Would you like to sponsor a teacher or teachers to attend our training programs?
There are two ways you can do this.

Rotary Club Global Grant Sponsorships

The concept of Rotary Foundation Global Grant Projects has been described on the Funding page.

Rotary Club or District contributions to these projects can be further targeted by sponsorship of individual trainees.

Nomination of individual teachers covered by your sponsorship can link you to individual beneficiaries.  We would ask LEARN to nominate prospective attendees to by covered by your sponsorship.

The cost of such sponsorship is reduced by the leverage of Rotary Foundation contributions (District and Global) to the project.  Thus if your District is able to contribute at a rate of 50c. per $ of Club funding, this may be matched $ for $ by Foundation global funds, as well as 50c per $ of Club contributions.  In this way $40 of Club contributions can yield $100 of project funding.

A typical project budget could be AU$100,000 for the training of 80 teachers over three years.  If this is derived from $40,000 of Club funding, that's $500 per teacher.

How many teachers might your Club be prepared to sponsor for such a project:
* one teacher at $500?
* five teachers at $2,500?
* ten teachers at $5,000?
* even more?

Direct Sponsorships

If you, as an individual or a club, wish to contribute funds directly via Quality Education Nepal, there is again the opportunity for sponsorship of individual trainees.

In this case we would direct the sponsorship to the refresher training which we deliver after conclusion of the three-year basic training programs.

These sponsorships do not enjoy the leverage of Rotary Foundation funding and so must bear the full cost of $100 per trainee per year.

We welcome commitments to sponsor individual teachers to attend annual refresher training on an ongoing basis.  How many teachers are you prepared to commit to support:
* one teacher at $100 per annum?
* five teachers at $500 per annum?
* ten teachers at $1,000 per annum?
* even more?

Contact with sponsored teachers

It must be noted that while LEARN can nominate the teachers you sponsor, communication with them may not be easy unless you go visit.  Even then, you may need a translator as many teachers (particularly primary teachers) lack English.  On the other hand, access to email / social media is quite widespread, and we should be able to put you in touch with teachers with a grasp of English..