The Rotary Foundation Global Grant 1525855 - Teacher Training, Tatopani

At the Rotary International Convention in Sydney in 2014 we began seeking sponsors for a project to train 75 teachers of Tatopani Village and associated schools over three years, delivering 50 days training per teacher.

Support was secured from eight Australian Rotary Clubs which together committed US$30,000.  This was matched by their three Rotary Districts contributing a total of US$14,000.  Six clubs in Nepal each committed $100.  With $30,000 World Fund contributions from The Rotary Foundation, the outcome was a US$74,000 project.

Training began in April 2017 with just 70 teachers, but by September the attendance at  a refresher course had increased to 85.  LEARN is committed to the ongoing delivery of this training while also extending training to other teacher groups.

The Rotary Club of Portland, District 9780, is the Primary International Sponsor (Project manager Kym Stock), while the Rotary Club of Baglung, District 3292, is the Primary Host Sponsor (Project Manager KB Shahi).

Mid-term reports for the project have been prepared by LEARN and by Project Manager KB Shahi (click to read).

Foundation Global Grant Sponsorships by Rotary Clubs or Districts

Rotary Clubs and Districts can contribute to Rotary Foundation Global Grant projects which we facilitate.

Our role is to draw together the parties, including both International and Host sponsors, and to facilitate the Global Grant application and its passage through The Foundation.

Projects are defined to cover the training of a new group of teachers over a period of three years.  All of the primary-level teachers of schools in  nominated area are invited to attend, of whom we expect at least 80% to participate.  The schools are those associated with an administrative area of the Department of Education, generally comprising one or two high schools and their feeder primary schools.  The selection of target areas is undertaken by LEARN in consultation with the Department of Education and the local Municipal government.

Sponsorship entails a commitment to contribute funds to the project.  The amount is entirely at the discretion of the Club or District, and can be spread over the three years of the project.

In the course of the project formulation process, a Club or District from anywhere in world is nominated as the Primary International Sponsor, and a Club in Nepal as the Primary Host Sponsor.  They become jointly responsible for the formal submission of the application to The Rotary Foundation and for the subsequent management of the project.

That management role entails:
* entering a Memorandum of Understanding with LEARN for the delivery of the training
* collection and transmission of funds, including payment of LEARN upon satisfactory delivery of services
* monitoring progress and reporting to The Rotary Foundation.

There is also the opportunity for Sponsors to become more actively involved, including volunteers attending training courses.  There is also the potential to sponsor trainees.  In both of these ways you can develop relationships with Nepalis.  This could lead to other projects of assistance to the local community.

It should be noted that once a Global Grant project is initiated, QEN has no continuing formal role, though we do maintain oversight and provide assistance as necessary.

Sponsorships for new Global Grant 1876442 - Teacher Training, Rakhu, Nepal

An application for a second Global Grant project is currently locked for authorisation pending submission to The Rotary Foundation. 

The project is to give 80 teachers of the Rakhu area 50 days training over three years.  It is budgeted to cost US$121,500.  Application documents can be downloaded here:
* application as printed from the Foundation application tool
* specific terms and conditions relating to the application
* Memorandum of Understanding
* Global Grants Community Assessment
* Global Grants Community Assessment Addendum
* Participating schools

Funding for this project is coming from 13 Canadian clubs committing a total of US$20,282.  This has been matched by $17,338 of District Dedicated Funds from the Foundation, with both sums matched $ per $ by the Canadian Government.  With the DDF matched by Foundation Global Funds $/$, and the remainder likewise at 50c/$, the budget figure of $121,500 was achieved.

The Rotary Club of Kathmandu Metro has accepted the role of Primary Host Sponsor, while RC Woodstock-Oxford, District 7080, has undertaken the role of Primary International Sponsor

Members of participating clubs have the opportunity to visit and participate in the training programs (see 'Contact us' / 'Volunteer'), but this is not essential.  It may, however, lead to Clubs developing their own relationships with communities in Nepal which could lead to other projects.

The application for this project was submitted to TRF on June 26 2019 but was rejected by them on July.

We do not accept the reasons for rejection, and deem this to be a temporary setback until TRF is persuaded to accommodate the relatively unique situation of Global Grant applications being initiated by QEN but then submiftted by Rotary Clubs as Host and International Sponsors.

This may take some months, and we do ask all Clubs and and Districts that have offered support for GG1876442 or GG1987661 to bear with us and await a favourable outcome, of which we are quietly confident.

Please click HERE to download our submission to the Trustees of The Rotary Foundation
and HERE for a transcript of emails with PRIP and Foundation Trustee Ian Riseley.

Project Deliverables

The program entails the following activities:

Activity Contents NPR USD
Baseline Survey Trainers visit teachers in their schools to assess education and training 243,537 2,214
School mgmt. training 2-day training for School Mgmt. Committees and Parent Teacher Associations 256,997 2,336
Basic Training Yr 1 10-day intensive training in local high school 1,470,746 13,370
Readers Supply of 11 set of A3 English readers (144 titles) for subsequent in-school use 968,006 8,800
In-school support Yr 1 Trainers visit teachers in schools to assess progress 361,565 3,287
Lead Teacher mentoring Yr 1 Selected teachers with extra training visit schools as mentors 44,058 401
Refresher Training Yr 1 6-day refresher training in local high school 731,144 6,647
Lead teacher training Yr 1 Extra training for teachers selected to act as mentors 301,440 2,740
Early Childhood Dev't Trg Specilised training for Early Learning Centre teachers 534,816 4,862
Basic Training Yr 2 10-day intensive training in local high school 1,528,475 13,895
School hardware Provision of materials and equipment for subsequent use in schools 317,520 2,887
In-school support Yr 2 Trainers visit teachers in schools to assess progress 375,732 3,416
Lead Teacher mentoring Yr 2 Selected teachers with extra training visit schools as mentors 47,586 433
Refresher Training Yr 2 6-day refresher training in local high school 789,180 7,174
Lead teacher training Yr 2 Extra training for teachers selected to act as mentors 325,485 2,959
ITC Training Specilised training for IT/Communications teachers 299,432 2,722
Basic Training Yr 3 10-day intensive training in local high school 1,649,981 15,000
School hardware Provision of materials and equipment for subsequent use in schools 342,922 3,117
In-school support Yr 3 Trainers visit teachers in schools to assess progress 405,722 3,688
Lead Teacher mentoring Yr 3 Selected teachers with extra training visit schools as mentors 51,408 467
Refresher Training Yr 3 Extra training for teachers selected to act as mentors 852,539 7,750
Lead teacher training Yr 3 Extra training for teachers selected to act as mentors 351,588 3,196
Rotary Observation Rotarians from Kathmandu Metro attend training for observation 78,854 717
10% contingency 1,039,435 9,449
Total 13,368,166 121,529

Third and subsequent Global Grant projects

Another 40 Rotary Clubs from seven countries have committed to sponsorships which have been directed to a third Global Grant project 1987661 Teacher Training, Mangala which will extend training to another 80 teachers of the adjoining Mangala area.  With DDF commitments already indicated or expected with the commencement of the new Rotary year, their contributions are expected to yield around 85% of the budget amount.

We are therefore actively seeking further sponsorships to make up the total.  We hope to reach it in time for submission of the application around August this year.

If your club could be interested, please email