The Rotary Foundation Global Grant 1525855

At the Rotary International Convention in Sydney in 2014 we began seeking sponsors for a project to train 75 teachers of Tatopani Village and associated schools over three years, delivering 50 days training per teacher.

Support was secured from eight Australian Rotary Clubs which together committed US$30,000.  This was matched by their three Rotary Districts contributing a total of US$14,000.  Six clubs in Nepal each contributed $100.  With $30,000 World Fund contributions from The Rotary Foundation, the outcome was a US$74,000 project.

Training began in April 2017 with just 70 teachers, but by September the attendance at  a refresher course had increased to 85.  LEARN is committed to the ongoing delivery of this training while also extending training to other teacher groups.

The Rotary Club of Portland, District 9780, is the Primary International Sponsor (Project manager Kym Stock), while the Rotary Club of Baglung, District 3292, is the Primary Host Sponsor (Project Manager KB Shahi).

Mid-term reports for the project have been prepared by LEARN and by Project Manager KB Shahi (click to read).

Sponsorships for new Global Grant 1876442 - Teacher Training, Rakhu, Nepal

Sponsors are now being sought for a second and subsequent Global Grant projects.  Clubs can contribute any amount they choose.  This can be paid up front (thus avoiding leaving a commitment on future club Boards), or spread over the three years.  It is expected that Club contributions will be matched by District DDF funding, maybe 50c/$.

A project to train teachers of the Rakhu area over three years is expected to cost round US$85,000.  Draft documents as at Feb. 1 2019 can be downloaded here:
* application as printed from the Foundation application tool
* specific terms and conditions relating to the application
* Memorandum of Understanding
* Global Grants Community Assessment
* Global Grants Community Assessment Addendum

The budget is subject to final review, as is the funding.

A Rotary Club in Nepal will take on the role of Primary Host Sponsor for the project, while RC Corrimal, District 9675, has accepted the role of Primary International Sponsor.  Responsibility for the project will be transferred to RC Corrimal prior to submission of the application to the Foundation.

Members of participating clubs have the opportunity to visit and participate in the training programs (see 'Contact us' / 'Volunteer'), but this is not essential.  It may, however, lead to Clubs developing their own relationships with communities in Nepal which could lead to other projects.

Please email if your Club could be interested.

Payment Instructions

Instructions are provided here for those clubs that have already committed to sponsorship.

Funds can be transferred to the project at its commencement, or spread over its three year duration.  The latter option is a little more complicated as Foundation contributions (both District and Global) will only be received when receipt of club funds has been confirmed.

The options for payment are:
1) Transfer funds to our Association account in Australia, where they'll be placed in a Holding Account pending Foundation's approval of the application, then transferred to the project bank account in Nepal when it has been opened. 
2) Send to the Foundation in your own country after the project has been approved.  They will transfer the funds  to the project account in Nepal when it has been opened.
For our previous Global Grant project we offered a third option of payment to a project bank account in Australia.  We do not consider that to be necessary this time, as Option 1 can fulfill the need.

There are pros and cons for the two methods:

1) Transferring funds to our Association.  Options include:
* electronic funds transfer to BSB 633-000, a/c 161114335 (this differs from the one on the Donations page, being a holding account for the Global Grant project), a/c name Quality Education Nepal Inc.  International transfers also require bank name and address: Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited, The Bendigo Centre, Bendigo, Victoria 3550 Australia; and Swift Code: BENDAU3B.  Bank charges (such as AU$30 per transfer)  are likely to be incurred for international transfers.
* postage of cheque payable to Quality Education Nepal Inc. 29 Blue Mount Road, Trentham, Victoria, Australia 3458.  Normal private/business cheques are acceptable.  Cheques from non-Australian banks are subject to a modest A$10 clearance fee upon receipt.  Worse than that, the received exchange rate on one US cheque received was 94.55% of the Rotary Foundation exchange rate.  This made cheque payment clearly worse than Option 2 - payment via the Foundation.
* other options such as the UK Post Office Money (  This would require the same information as electronic transfers.  We received one transfer this way but it yielded only 90.5% of the value at the Foundation's exchange rates, so payment via the Foundation would be preferable despite the 5% fee.

We incur no further charges transferring the funds to Nepal as we have a long-standing with the local Community Bank for them to be executed as staff transfers free of charge.

2)  Remitting funds to the Foundation

This can be done in the country of origin, thus avoiding bank transfer charges.  It will, however, incur an additional 5% charge by the Foundation.  Please note the following extract from the Foundation Terms and Conditions: "Contributions sent prior to grant approval will be credited to the grant application. But if the application is not approved the contributions will be credited to the Annual Programs Fund. Contributions cannot be reallocated after they are credited to the Annual Programs Fund. All global grant contributions are considered irrevocable contributions to The Rotary Foundation and will not be refunded."  In the (hopefully unlikely) event that our application is rejected, we would like your Club to retain control of the funds, with the option of directing them to Quality Education Nepal even without the leverage of Global Grant funding.  We therefore ask Clubs to withhold payments to the Foundation until the project has been approved.

Please note that this is the only option that allows Paul Harris Fellow recognition points for club contributions.

We suggest the first option for Australian clubs as it incurs the least costs.  For others we recommend the second option.  Please contact us by email if you have any queries.

Project Deliverables

The Global Grant Project will be invoiced separately by LEARN for each of the following deliverables:

Course Contents NPR USD
Baseline Survey Trainers visit teachers in their schools to assess eduction and training 213,450 1,906
School mgmt. training 2-day training for School Mgmt. Committe4es and Parent Teher Associtions 238,911 2,133
Basic Training 10-day intensive training in local high school 987,720 8,819
In-school support Trainers visit teachers in schools to assess progress 418,400 3,736
Readers Sets of English readers (144 titles/set) for classroom use 887,040 7,920
Lead teacher training Extra training for teachers selected to act as mentors 283,110 2,528
Refresher Training 6-day refresher training in local high school 448,919 4,008
Basic Training Second year 10-day basic training program 1,066,738 9,524
In-school support Second year in-school support 451,872 4,035
Lead teacher training Second year lead teacher training 305,759 2,730
ITC Training Specilised training for IT/Communications teachers 244,171 2,180
Refresher Training Second year refresher training 484,832 4,329
Basic Training Third year 10-day basic training program 1,152,077 10,286
In-school support Third year in-school support 488,022 4,357
Lead teacher training Third year lead teacher training 330,220 2,948
Early Childhood Dev't Trg Specilised training for Early Learning Centre teachers 313,348 2,798
Refresher Training Third year refresher training 523,619 4,675
10% contingency 883,821 7,891
Total 9,722,026 86,804

Club Sponsorship Contributions

The table below lists club commitments to sponsoring the project.  Contributions of Foundation "District Designated Funds" are being negotiated with Districts.  Club commitments in excess of the requirements to the Rakhu school cluster will be directed to a further Global Grant project for schools of the Mangala area which is further west.
(* = to be confirmed)

Country District Club Curr Amt USD Paid Offer Total
Australia 9465 Mill Point AUD 2,000 1,418 1,418 1,418
Australia 9465 Willetton AUD 500 355 355 355
Australia 9550 Hinchinbrook AUD 252 179 179 179
Australia 9600 Gympie AUD 1,000 709 709 709
Australia 9630 Pittsworth AUD 210 149 149 149
Australia 9630 Redland Sunrise AUD 420 298 298 298
Australia 9640 Mullumbimby AUD 84 60 60 60
Australia 9650 Tamworth-First Light AUD 1,000 709 709 709
Australia 9675 Campsie AUD 2,000 1,418 1,418 1,418
Australia 9675 Corrimal AUD 2,500 5,319 5,319 5,319
Australia 9710 Batemans Bay AUD 1,000 709 709 709
Australia 9710 Belconnen AUD 2,000 1,418 1,418 1,418
Australia 9780 Colac West AUD 420 298 298 298
Australia 9790 Diamond Creek AUD 82 58 58 58
Australia 9790 Mount Beauty AUD 700 1,489 1,489 1,489
Australia 9790 Yarrawonga Vic.-Mulwala N.S.W. AUD 486 345 345 345
Australia 9800 Daylesford AUD 300 213 213 213
Austria 1920 Hallein/Salzburg USD 250 750 750 750
Austria 2090 Ancona 25-35 USD 250 750 750 750
Canada 5360 Calgary USD 5,500 5,500 5,500 5,500
Canada 7090 Norfolk Sunrise CAD 500 355 355 355
Canada 7820 Montague CAD 1,800 1,343 1,343 1,343
Germany 1860 Heidelberg-Neckar USD 500 1,500 1,500 1,500
Norway 2250 Stavanger International USD 1,500 1,500 1,500 1,500
UK 1030 Bishop Auckland AUD 192 136 136 136
UK 1040 Wensleydale GBP 100 390 390 390
UK 1070 Stamford Burghley USD 400 400 400 400
UK 1080 Lowestoft East Point GBP 540 701 701 701
UK 1080 Swaffham GBP 540 701 701 701
UK 1080 Woodbridge Deben GBP 200 260 260 260
UK 1090 Ascot USD 500 1,500 1,500 1,500
UK 1120 Canterbury, Forest of Blean AUD 898 637 637 637
UK 1120 Tonbridge GBP 360 468 468 468
UK 1150 Abergavenny GBP 900 3,506 3,506 3,506
UK 1150 Rhondda AUD 164 116 116 116
USA 5160 Davis Sunrise USD 500 500 500 500
USA 5670 McPherson USD 250 750 750 750
USA 5710 Leawood USD 500 1,429 1,429 1,429
USA 5950 Shakopee USD 1,000 1,000 1,000 1,000
USA 5960 Prior Lake USD 1,000 952 952 952
USA 5960 Wabasha USD 100 95 95 95
USA 6650 Jackson Township (Belden Village) AUD 1,333 946 946 946
USA 6930 Palm Beach USD 500 500 500 500
USA 7600 The Historic Triangle-Williamsburg USD 1,500 1,500 1,500 1,500
USA 7870 Wallingford USD 500 500 500 500
Totals 37,232 43,831 6,920 36,910 43,831