Program outline:

•    Paudwar School in Myagdi District (Annapurna) established a cheese factory in 1998 as a source of funds for the school

•    Cheeses are sold to local tea houses for consumption by tourists, but production is constrained by lack of an adequate milk supply

•    The Khayar Barahi Milk Production Cooperative was established in 2009 to establish a dairy farm and expand cheese production – target: 100 dairy cattle
      in production by 2013

•    Preparations are underway – fodder cultivation, dairy and cheese factory design

•    120 local families have subscribed Rps 1.2m. (AUD 15,000) – a remarkable effort for a subsistence farming community largely dependent on remittances
      from family members working overseas

•    A grant has been obtained from the District Development Committee, with prospect of more from Government – but there’s still a long way to go to raise
      sufficient funds.

Why its needed:

•    Government funding rarely covers the full salaries of teachers in Government schools in Nepal

•    As parents – subsistence farmers – can’t afford fees, schools themselves are forced to raise funds

•    Paudwar School’s fund-raising enterprises include a cheese factory, camping ground for trekkers, etc.

•    Expanding dairy farming and the cheese factory will not only provide funds for the school, but also income for Cooperative shareholders and
     much-needed local employment.

How to help:     Pay for a cow - $500-$1,000!     Click here to donate.

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