As outlined in the History, the Nepali Village Initiatives Project has evolved over some sixteen years, focussed on Paudwar Village in the Myagdi district of Nepal, though also assisting other schools and villages in the area.

The driving philosophy has been to assist initiatives of the Nepali people themselves.  Critical to this has been getting to know reliable, innovative and trustworthy Nepalis who could lead these initiatives.  In this regard we have been especially privileged to meet and get to know many Nepalis who are now our friends.  Foremost among these have been Gyan Bahadur Pun, Krishna Bahadur Pun, Mahabir Pun and Om Bahadur Pun (see People).

Now having the support of Rotary International we believe we have the capability to expand our support to other projects in other areas.  Key to this will be finding the right people with the worthwhile goals to pursue.

In accordance with the Purposes of the Association, projects should promise benefit to the Nepali people, including but not restricted to initiatives directed towards:

*    community-run schools that improve the quality of education for Nepalis

*    local health services that support rural communities in Nepal

*    community projects that bring jobs and opportunities to Nepali villages

Examples could include the extension of English medium teaching to government school in other parts of the country.  We would also like to support initiatives to enhance the quality of English teaching.  These are goals of Narayan Mainali, until recently First Secretary of the Nepalese Embassy in Canberra.

Any suggestions or requests for assistance should be directed by email to

Currently our main objectives are to support:

        Teacher Training          English Medium Teaching        The Khayar Barahi Milk Production Cooperative          Computers for Kids          Nepal Wireless.

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