Program outline:

•    Initiated in 1997 by Mahabir Pun to bring modern communications to his remote village of Nangi

•    Only difficulties – no power, no phone connections, no computer knowledge

•    Internet publicity including BBC articles attracted offers of technical assistance from around the world

•    A radio network was established with home-made aerials in trees to collect a signal beamed from Pokhara

•    The network is now providing world access to 50 villages – see

•    Mahabir has been recognized for his initiative with international awards including Ashoka Fellowship, the Ramon Magsaysay Prize and an Honorary PhD
     from the University of Nebraska

Why its needed:

•    Rural villages in Nepal have traditionally been isolated, with little communication with the outside world

•    Internet access would provide development opportunities – think of the Indian software industry

•    Early benefits included remote yak herders in the high mountains being able to communicate with their families by email

•    Recent applications of the network have included:

      -    transmission of weather monitoring of the air route from Pokhara to Jomsom

      -    monitoring of glacial lakes to allow flood warnings in the event of failure due to global warming

How to help:     Cash donation or suitable equipment     Click here to donate or here to contact us.

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