If you have Google Earth installed on your computer you can click here to open a place names file "Nepal.kmz" (it will be opened in your Temporary Places folder, and will be lost when you close Google Earth unless you choose to save it in your "My Places" folder).

Nepal.kmz contains four folders of place names:  Places in Nepal;   KathmanduPaudwar access and surrounds;  and  Paudwar vicinity.

For each directory you can click the +/- sign to the left to open/close the directory.  Clicking the square beside the sign causes ticks to appear / disappear in all the corresponding boxes of subsidiary place marks - or you can toggle them individually if you wish.  When ticked, the corresponding place mark appears in the Google Earth view.  You can then double-click on the adjoining place-marker pin in order to "fly" to the place.

The file opens at "Places in Nepal".  I suggest that after viewing these you click the folder to close the ticks, then tick another (say Kathmandu) to open the place markers and double-click it to fly this set into view.  The same for the next two folders.

If you don't have Google Earth installed you can download it free from http://earth.google.com/download-earth.html.   

Paudwar village amid its terraced fields 

Looking down the Ghara Khola valley
to the Kali Gandaki River 

School, cheese factory and hostel
in Middle Village 

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